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Homer immortalized Truva (Troy) in his stories of King Priam, Hector, Pans and the beautiful Helen. Archeological excavations have revealed nine separate periods of settlement including ruins of city walls, house foundations, a temple and a theatre. A symbolic wooden Trojan horse commemorates the legendary war.

Troy was a city which existed over 4000 years and is known as the center of ancient civilizations

Many years, people believed that it was a city in tales and never existed until it was first found. At this time it was known as Ilium or New Ilium. Today Troy or New Ilium is located at Hisarlik, Canakkale.

The remains of the city - the remains from the thieves and destructors - can be visited here. Most of what was left are the remains of the destruction from HEINRICH SCHLIEMANN the famous archaeologist (AND THE HERO OF GREATEST ARCHEOLOGY THEFT OF ALL TIMES)

Hisarlik Canakale (Dardanelles) is one of the Turkish cities in west of Turkey. Dardanelles is the heart of history written in World War I – It is the place where Turks changed the history by beating everso mighty allied armies (British, Australian etc.)

Hence, Canakkale has always been a crossing point for armies, traders, migrating people throughout history.

Charles Mclaren in 1822 found the ruins of Troy left from Helenistic and Roman Ilion at Hisarlik, Canakkale in Turkey. The German archiolog HEINRICH SCHLIEMAN excavated Troy third times from 1870 to 1890. HIS THEFT OF TREASURE from Troy and his damage (destruction) to Troy will be always rembered in Turkish archological history. Today the remains of Troy are what is left from Schiemann. A new German excavator team is still working to rebuild Troy ruins by using new advanced technologies since 1988. We hope after their study, Troy will a new apperance and visitors will enjoy it very much. You can find detail information about Troy excavating and high technology using in here. Also thanks to Daimler - Benz because of sponsoring troy excavating. In some writings, Schileman's credibility was began questioning. Troy, treasure and the truth is one of them.

Wihelm Dorpfeld followed to excavate after Schliemann. They found nine levels at Troy. Troy I to V relates roughly with early Bronze Age ( 3000 to 1900 BC ). Its inhabitants were known as Trojan in this period. Troy VI and VII were built in the Middle and Late Bronze Age. Troy VIII to IX belongs to Helenistic and Roman Ilion (Latin Ilium).

In history, Troy was destroyed many times and rebuilt. Until now archeologists have found 9 level of Troy lebeled fron I to IX. Troy is one of the most famous cities in ancient history, including Hector, Rchiles and Archaian Greeks, the sake of Helen. Its story is written in every language. Trojan horses, Archilles' heels and Odysseys have become figures in poems. People have always wondered whether the Trojan War was real .. If Troy really existed .. whether there was a wooden horse?

Video films of Troy was provided by Mr. Ayhan ÖNCÜ.



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