ZEKI MUREN - Unforgettable Turkish Music Artist

ZEKI MUREN - Unforgettable” Turkish Music Artist & Singer

This video is dedicated to the golden memory of “unforgettable” Turkish Music Artist & Singer ZEKI MUREN.

He was born in Bursa Turkey, on 6th December 1933.

1939… Primary School Years .. Young Zeki has and opportunity to to have his first stage experience thanks to the local theater performing every summer. He monitors all singers and songs and learns them by heart with great interest.

1944 Secondary Education Years .. Zeki Muren has grown an unresistable enthusiasm to go to Istanbul, the “BIG” city. Because all artists he was dying to watch and listen to and all the music schools he would love to attend were there. He had his father’s support ..

1950 .. Fine Arts Academy (Istanbul) .. His years at Bogazici High School contribute highly on the way to being a country-wide prominent star .. He entered the Fine Arts Academy .. “Bir Muhabbet Kusu”, his first single recorded in a studio at Yesilkoy was a sold-out. He was given “the Golden Record” award for another song of his called “Manolya”. His first musical film “Beklenen Sarki” with Ms. Cahide Sonku the greatest female Turkish film star at the time received the success it deserved. Zeki Muren made 18 consecutive films with all great success. He always proved that he could be and was successfull in all branches of art including poetry, design, composing.

And then it was time for live performances; “STAGE”
When he accepted to go on stage in 1954 he knew he had to be special and in appearance in paralel to his skills. Thanks to his earlier education at the Fine Arts Academy he introduced many novelties on stage set-up and instruments used. His next step was to wear new style clothes on stage entirely of his own fashion.

One of his novelties was to apply a “T” shape stage for the first time in Turkey so he could mingle with his beloved ones. His manner of adressing people and his perfect pronunciation of the Turkish language was superb. That was the reason why he was unparallelled in maintaining dialogues with his audience on stage.

Years went by fast.. He was recording .. playing in films .. creating designs and producing nonstop. It was then he took part in a play with prominent artists of the time and the play was again a great success for years.

1969 Aspendos Concert .. Antic theater in Antalya was packed on the day of his concert and thousands were applauding after the performance for minutes and minutes. That was a mark in the history of Turkish Music.

Then, Zeki Muren started to fight health problems gradually .. He preferred to lead a solitary life in Bodrum but that did not help to keep him out of eye in the press ..

In 1996 he opened his doors to TRT (Turkish Radio & Television) to have an interview for a documentary about himself and shared everything to the smallest detail .. Mr. Altan KIYAL the Assistant General Manager of TRT rewarded the artist with a microphone he had used in his first live performance in Ankara in 1951 .. Zeki Muren was over-excited and said “I did not expect such a big surprise .. This is the most precious reward and memory of my life” .. Those were his last words .. He passed away of an heart-attack right on the spot at the back of the stage .. Turkey had lost a great artist

Some of his films are : : Son Beste,Berdus,Altin Kafes,Gurbet,Kirik Plak,Hayat BazenTatlidir,Ask Hirsizi,Bahçevan,Istanbul Kaldirimlari,Hep O Sarki,Dügün Gecesi,Hindistan Cevizi,Katip Üsküdar’a Giderken,Inleyen Nagmeler,Asktan da Üstün...

Some of his own songs are : Bir Yaz Yagmuru Gibi Geçiverdi Askimiz,Yoksun Bu Gece,Yine Zehroldu Sarabim,Manolyam,Yaprak Dökümü,Beklenen Sarki,Bir Tatli Yalan,Bir Demet Yasemen,Yasamak Zevki Verir Ruhuma Sonsuz Kaderim,Sögüt Dalindan Incesin,Bir Tatli Tebessümün Bin Vuslata Bedeldir,Bir Gönül Hikayesi Anlatirdi Gözlerin,Gurbet Yolu Hasret Dolu,Hayat Bazen Tatlidir,Berdus,Altin Kafes,Simdi Uzaklardasin...

Video Source : TRT Turkish Radio & Television


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